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Why Safety Is Essential in Commercial Paving

Why Safety Is Essential in Commercial Paving

Why Safety Is Essential in Commercial Asphalt Paving No matter how much you spend to have your Bensalem commercial paving project installed, it will not have the longevity it should go without proper maintenance. However, routine maintenance can also contribute to the safety of your asphalt pavement. An unsafe commercial pavement can have financial repercussions, including the loss of business and the risk of lawsuits. Ensuring safety on your property involves addressing multiple issues, including designing your parking lot with safety in mind, erecting the appropriate signage, keeping the pavement in good repair, maintaining your sealcoating, and making sure that your stripes and markings are clearly visible and undamaged.

Why Safety Is Essential in Commercial Asphalt Paving

How Do Commercial Paving Contractors Design a Safe Parking Lot?

When building or overlaying a parking lot, asphalt paving contractors ensure that the foundation is stable and robust. They calculate the appropriate pavement slope to ensure proper drainage. With input from the customer, the contractor will create a layout that will allow traffic to circulate safely and efficiently. The design may include the parking angle, the designation of travel aisles as either one-way or two-way, the number and location of ADA-mandated parking spaces and access aisles, the elimination of blind spots at the ends of parking aisles, and many other variables.

What Types of Signage Help Make a Parking Lot Safer?

Yield and stop signs are valuable safety features when placed at locations where access drives intersect parking aisles or where two parking aisles intersect. You might also consider installing stop signs at pedestrian crosswalks. Speed limit signs can serve as reminders that drivers need to slow down in your parking lot. You may want signs to warn of speed bumps, loading zones, fire lanes, or no-parking areas.

What Is the Connection Between Safety and Parking Lot Repair?

A parking lot that is in disrepair can be a dangerous place. Pedestrians could twist their ankles or fall if they step into a pothole, and potholes can damage cars or cause cyclists to crash. In the winter, clogged drains or low areas in which water can collect can freeze, resulting in skids or slip and fall accidents. Cracks and ruts can present similar safety issues.

How Does Asphalt Sealcoating Contribute to Safety?

Sealcoating contributes to pavement safety in two ways. First, an adequately prepared sealcoating mix will contain silica sand, and sand enhances traction for pedestrians and vehicles. Second, sealcoating can help prevent the types of damage that lead to the formation of potholes and cracks.

How Important Are Parking Lot Stripes and Markings?

It is difficult to underestimate the vital role that visible stripes and markings play in bringing order to a potentially chaotic environment. Consider what might happen if drivers were allowed to park anywhere in your lot and at any angle, travel across multiple parking aisles, or choose their direction of travel. A recent study found that over 75% of the drivers entering a parking lot were using their phones when they turned into the lot from a public street. Since they are already distracted, the lack of guidance can increase the possibility of being involved in an accident.

If I Want to Make My Commercial Pavement Safer, Can C&C Super Seal Help?

At C&C Super Seal, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you enhance the safety of your commercial paving lot. We offer a wide range of services, including sealcoating, asphalt crack repair, snow removal, parking lot repair, asphalt paving & resurfacing. We also offer driveway paving services. We serve clients in Philadelphia County and beyond from our headquarters in Bensalem. We have built an impeccable reputation for exemplary craftsmanship and customer service delivered at reasonable rates. Request a free quote today by emailing us at Info@CandCSuperSeal.com, completing the online form, or calling 267-223-9906.

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