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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sealcoating Contractor

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sealcoating Contractor

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sealcoating ContractorWhen you need to hire someone to perform work, you probably realize that it is crucial to make sure that your chosen company is reliable, experienced, and trustworthy. Otherwise, you could end up paying for subpar work that will not last as long as it should, or that may fail to meet your specifications. You may already know the questions to ask when hiring a painter, roofer, carpenter, or flooring contractor, but do you know what to ask before you hire an asphalt paving company to sealcoat your pavement?

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sealcoating Contractor

Why Is Asphalt Sealcoating Necessary?

Although durable and economical, asphalt pavements can suffer premature deterioration if the effects of traffic and weather are not prevented or repaired. Sunlight is one of the most formidable enemies your asphalt pavement will encounter because it causes fading, drying, and brittleness. Oil and other petrochemicals can react with the binder that glues the pavement together, leaving soft spots that can suffer additional damage from even regular traffic. Sealcoating blocks the sun’s damaging rays, restores its original color, and makes it more difficult for automotive fluids to reach the pavement. Asphalt sealcoating Philadelphia pavements can also help protect against damage from deicers and other corrosive chemicals.

What Is Your Experience With Sealing Similar Pavements?

Ideally, you want a contractor who has extensive experience sealcoating pavements of a similar size and with similar complexities. For example, a large parking lot sealcoating project requires more planning, equipment, and traffic control measures than sealcoating a typical suburban driveway.

What Mix Design Will You Use?

Mix designs are not proprietary information, so no reputable asphalt paving company will object to supplying you with its mix design. A sealcoating mix starts with the concentrate that the contractor purchased from a sealant manufacturer. The contractor adds silica sand, water, and any special additives required for the specific job. The water content should never exceed 40%, and the sand content should be between two and six pounds per gallon of liquid sealant. Manufacturers specify acceptable mix designs for their products so that you can compare the specifications on the manufacturer’s site to the mix design provided by the contractor.

How Will You Prepare My Asphalt Paving for Sealcoating?

Preparation is essential if a sealcoating job is to be successful. Cracks, potholes, patches of alligator cracking, and other significant pavement damage will need to be repaired before the sealant is applied. Grass or weeds growing in damaged areas will need to be removed. The entire pavement will need to be thoroughly cleaned; wire brushes and high-power air blowers are commonly used together to complete this step. You may be able to save a little money and time if you hire a contractor who offers all of the paving services you will need, including crack repair, sealcoating, and parking lot striping.

What Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

At the very least, your contractor should have a general liability policy and workers’ compensation insurance. Otherwise, you could be on the financial hook if one of his workers is injured or damages your property, cars passing by the site, or your neighbor’s property.

How Many Coats of Sealant Will You Apply?

Sealcoating should never be applied in a thick coat. If a properly applied coat will be too thin to provide adequate protection, the contractor should apply a second coat.

Why Should I Choose C&C Super Seal?

C&C Super Seal has been delivering high-quality commercial and residential paving services since 1998. Our paving services include sealcoating, thermoplastic markings, pothole and crack repair, asphalt paving, parking lot bollards, snow removal, and parking lot striping. We are known for our craftsmanship, customer service, integrity, and professionalism. You can request a free quote by calling 267-223-9906 or submitting our online form.

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